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When I was about 8 years old, my father brought me to Shukltirth to visit for the darshan of Pujy Rang Avdhut Maharaj, at that time I did not think too much about wholy sant, great guruji. With the help of my father, I pranam guruji, who was sitting in aram khurshi with a smile, he gave me a banana as a prasad. I think from there, I started getting blessings from guruji. Later I found out, from my mother, Guruji was also a friend of my father. I grew up in a Brahmin Family and my father was a priest of 4 villages (Khanpur, Vasdarundhi, Pali, and Farod). In 1982 with the help of my sister I came to USA with my brother. In few years later, I was able to help my wife, daughter, and two sons come to USA, as well. I always like to write stories so in 2014 I publish my first book "Mogarana Phool" as Gujarati Novel. Then 2015 "Chandani Raat" my 2nd book as Gujarati short stories, poems, and bhajans etc. Now 2016 I'm able to publish my third book "Avdhuty Rang" as a Shastang Naman for my Bapji. Hope Guruji Blesses everyone, I am Gujarati writer and enjoy keeping my writing alive to share with all my readers and friends, God bless. Jai Shree Krishna, Jai Gurudev. -Mahendra Bhatt.

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ISBN: 9781539915249
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Publication Date: November 3rd, 2016
Pages: 106
Language: Gujarati