Smoking Salmon and Trout: Plus Canning, Freezing, Pickling and More (Paperback)

Smoking Salmon and Trout: Plus Canning, Freezing, Pickling and More By Jack Whelan Cover Image
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Find out how to get the most from your catch with Smoking Salmon and Trout. With over 400 photos and illustrations, this authoritative how-to book provides step-by-step instructions for home processing the fish you catch or buy. Extensive chapters on filleting, smoking, salting, sausaging, marinating and pickling fish show you how to create all the traditional mouth-watering treats you find in supermarkets and delicatessens.

There are easy-to-follow directions for safe home freezing and canning, as well as unusual recipes from around the world - including Jamaica Fritters, Martinique Fishballs and Russian Zapekanka - that have been tested by the author.

About the Author

Jack Whelan was a long-time devotee of good fishing and good eating who spent many years in nutrition research. He branded a number of patents internationally in fields of food science and engineering. Smoking Salmon and Trout is the result of his years of research into the commercial preserving and processing of fish, and years of adapting these proven practices to easy home use.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781550173024
ISBN-10: 1550173022
Publisher: Harbour
Publication Date: January 14th, 2003
Pages: 230
Language: English