The Fifth Wall (Paperback)

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A debut novel of great depth and power. "Art, grief, and technology churn in this excellent and raw novel...that profoundly explores the way we live with technology and how it informs our understanding of reality."--Publishers Weekly

In this debut novel, conceptual artist Sheila B. Ackerman heeds a mysterious urge to return to her estranged family home and arrives at the exact moment of her mother's suicide.

In an attempt to cope with and understand her own self destructive tendencies, Sheila plants a camera on the lawn outside the house to film 24/7 while workers deconstruct the physical object that encases so many of her memories. Meanwhile, as she begins to experience frequent blackouts, she finds herself hunting a robot drone through the San Francisco MOMA with a baseball bat, part of a provocative, technological show, The Last Art, and resuming a violent affair with her college professor. With a backdrop of post-9/11 San Francisco, Sheila navigates the social-media-obsessed, draught-ridden landscape of her life, exploring the frail line between the human impulse to control everything that takes place around us and the futility of excessive effort to do so. This thought-provoking work is for anyone who questions the status quo.

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ISBN: 9781574232288
ISBN-10: 1574232282
Publisher: Black Sparrow Press
Publication Date: May 15th, 2017
Pages: 184
Language: English