Bear Country: North America's Grizzly, Black and Polar Bears (Hardcover)

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Bear Country: North America's Grizzly, Black and Polar Bears Cover Image
By Steven Kazlowski (Photographer)
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A gorgeous book of photos of American bears.  This collection will be appreciated by both serious naturalists or those merely looking for the "aw" factor.  It is wonderful to see such joyful pictures of polar bears and a reminder that we should do everything possible to save the environment of these magnificent animals.
— From Bear Country


An alluring visual romp across North America, visiting with our much loved and feared iconic wild animal

Stunning gift book featuring 125 full-color photographs of bears

Author Steven Kazlowski is known as "the polar bear photographer"

Beautiful, strong, majestic, and playful bears collectively capture the imagination and hearts of many humans. The bear is the world's largest land predator, and it comes in many different colors, sizes, and species. Bear Country: North America's Grizzly, Black, and Polar Bears is award-winning nature photographer Steven Kazlowski's stunning full-color ode to this multifaceted icon of North America's wilderness.

Steven Kazlowski's photographs have been featured in Audubon, BBC Wildlife, National Wildlife, Sierra, Newsweek, and Vanity Fair magazines. He is the photographer and author of several books, including The Last Polar Bear: Facing the Truth of a Warming World (Braided River, 2008) and most recently Ice Bear: The Arctic World of Polar Bears (Mountaineers Books, 2010).

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ISBN: 9781594856754
ISBN-10: 1594856753
Publisher: Mountaineers Books
Publication Date: September 1st, 2012
Pages: 1
Language: English