Growing a Mother's Heart Bible Study (Paperback)

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AWSA Golden Scroll Bible Study of the Year 2022 - First Place Winner

Intentional self-care is important in nurturing a mother's heart, so the weeks in this study progress from self-care to outward nurturing. Starting with the felt needs of moms, helps women choose to move toward the outward focus of nurturing her family members and reaching out to the community. The first weeks focus on the need for rest and balance plus meals in the home. The following weeks move toward how to make wise financial choices, meet family needs, and create a welcoming atmosphere of a loving home. The last week focuses outward to meeting the needs of others in the community. Lessons include light-hearted anecdotes from real life and relevant Bible passages with questions to examine how Bible moms coped with stress and chaos and still embraced joy. Scriptures meet women where they are at in life, in chaos, and their anxiety about their mothering skills, to move toward gaining wisdom from God and filling their hearts with God's love and peace that helps them create harmony in the home and find joy through their relationships.

Each week coordinates with devotional stories in Growing a Mother's Heart Devotional.

About the Author

Karen Whiting is a mother of two daughters and three sons (including rocket scientists), grandmother of twelve, and raised her children from Hawaii to New York, and Michigan to Florida, as her late husband served in the U.S. Coast Guard. She's an author of twenty-seven books, an international speaker, certified writing and marketing coach, and former television host. She writes to help grow tomorrow's wholesome families today.

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Publication Date: April 11th, 2022
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