Legal Writing Exercises: A Practical Guide to Clear and Persuasive Writing for Lawyers (Paperback)

Legal Writing Exercises: A Practical Guide to Clear and Persuasive Writing for Lawyers By E. Scott Fruehwald Cover Image
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Legal writing is specialized writing; it has terminology, techniques, and forms all its own. However, it adheres to the same fundamentals as other types of writing. This handy resource will help you develop your legal writing skills so that you can more effectively communicate with others in the language of the law.

Each major section of the book starts with an explanation of a core concept of good writing and is followed by numerous exercises. By working through these illustrative exercises, you'll learn how to write concise, powerful sentences; eliminate un-needed words; and structure and combine sentences and paragraphs to create clear and persuasive documents, letters, and other types of written communication.

There are over 90 illustrative exercises throughout the book. By proceeding through these exercises, and then reading the correct answers, you'll sharpen your legal writing skills. In addition, this isn't a dry text on grammar and writing, humorous comments are sprinkled throughout to lend a certain approachability to the subject matter.

About the Author

Professor E. Scott Fruehwald has taught legal writing and other courses for fifteen years at the law schools of Roger Williams University, the University of Alabama, and Hofstra University. He currently resides in Jericho, New York.

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Publication Date: August 7th, 2015
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