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Scatterplot navigates a vast landscape of imagination through variations on being lost and found. David Koehn’s investigative journeys allow space for the failures of consciousness and gaps in the knowable as he traverses a sensory terrain through the shadow of natural history and the glow of the family room TV. In this wilderness is a father and son walking the sloughs of the California delta, searching through the mayhem of a world dismissive of, but also requiring, love.

Koehn diagrams connections from media, art, film, music, nature, history, and his own family into a web of coordinates that form constellations of beauty and tragedy. He moves from the music of the Bad Brains, to the grotesque lifecycle of the Tongue-Eating Louse, to the deconstruction of Mutant Mania toys, and on through the poems of David Antin and the suicide of Anthony Bourdain, building a fantastical world from the wild realities of the real one. In a universe so full of imperfection one can’t help but both laugh and cry, the poet embraces the present while taking responsibility for his own insufficiencies. Amounting to a mix of experiments—erasures, surreal narratives, collage, walking poems, and more—the delta between right now and forever feels both inescapably present and delightfully confused. Immense vulnerability, infinitely odd observations, and uninhibited daring populate the psychological terrain in the poems of Scatterplot as Koehn invites us to join his spiraling poetic exploration.

About the Author

David Koehn is the author of several books of poetry, including Coil and Twine. He lives in Discovery Bay, California.  

Praise For…

"Named for the visual depiction of statistical data, the contemplative second book from Koehn explores domestic chaos through a sequence of long poems. . . . Humor and verbal play appear to offer a coping strategy for the vulnerability and difficulties of daily life, which Koehn sensitively renders in this observant work."
— Publishers Weekly

"From its first line this poem announces itself in sinuous rhythms of sound. Koehn's sound is contemporary but his tricks ring with ancient echo?—apophatic exuberance resonates against aniconic description and coy anacoenotic inquiry. Still, it's no dusty fairy tale, nor rangy arrangement?—it's here and now, immediate and incisive."
— Kazim Ali, author of Inquisition

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ISBN: 9781632430779
ISBN-10: 1632430770
Publisher: Omnidawn
Publication Date: April 15th, 2020
Pages: 88