Dhoop aur Chaanv Ke Beech (Paperback)

Dhoop aur Chaanv Ke Beech By Neha Tiwari Cover Image
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"Dhoop aur Chhanv Ke Beech" is like a flowing sea and is written is a way that you will get an experience of staying on the edges by drowning and drowning in all kinds of emotions. As you dive deeper into the book, you will find yourself in your own world, sometimes in the sun, sometimes in the shadow and sometimes in between the sunshine & shadow. Sometimes you will feel like a bird while flying in love. As soon as you feel that you have won the whole world, a new desire will be born and you will wake up from sleep & You will feel lost again because of no end to your desires. In the meantime, then a line will come which will silence you for a few moments. The entire book is written with so many pure emotions and each poem has its own distinct scent and identity. On some pages you will hear the screams of dictatorship happening on women even after the independence of this country, then somewhere there will be a fire of rebellion against the crimes happening on nature and the people.

The emotions have been so beautifully carved on every page that you will feel the smell and footprints of the writer's childhood which was spent in a small village of Uttar Pradesh, city life, the valleys of Himachal, very closely.

While moving towards your destination, let's take halt "between sunshine and shadow" and experience the world of sky being so close to us through this poetry collection.

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ISBN: 9781636695549
ISBN-10: 163669554X
Publisher: Notion Press
Publication Date: January 20th, 2021
Pages: 166
Language: Hindi