My First Book of Color by Numbers: (Build Confidence with Colors and Numbers) (Paperback)

My First Book of Color by Numbers: (Build Confidence with Colors and Numbers) By Woo! Jr. Kids Activities Cover Image
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The Best Color by Number Book for Your Artsy Toddler (Age 3-5)

This toddler coloring book is a new essential for young kids A new addition to the bestselling Woo Jr. Kids Activities books, this collection of children's color by number pages gives your toddler hundreds of pictures to bring to life.

Help your child let out their inner artist Woo Jr.'s newest coloring book for kids helps your child be creative and match colors and numbers to make beautiful toddler arts and crafts activities. This will be your toddler's new favorite coloring and activity book, allowing them to be creative while also learning to count and follow numbers

Full of cute illustrations and graphics your little ones are sure to love. Everyone loves art, and that includes kids This fun color by number book is filled with different pictures, broken up number-by-number to create a masterpiece. This book also introduces your child to colors, shapes, and develops fine motor skills, getting them ready for preschool. Whether your child wants to paint multi-colored, neon landscapes, or color-coordinated flower gardens, My First Book of Color by Numbers is the perfect color by numbers coloring book

If you and your toddler love coloring books like Dinosaur Color by Numbers, Unicorn Color by Numbers, or My Backyard Color by Number, then your little one will love Woo Jr.'s My First Book of Color by Numbers

Product Details
ISBN: 9781642507157
ISBN-10: 1642507156
Publisher: Woojr
Publication Date: November 30th, 2021
Pages: 112
Language: English