Mother Divine: ஆண், பெண் சமத்துவம் &# (Paperback)

Mother Divine: ஆண், பெண் சமத்துவம் &# By Srinivasagan Krishnaswamy Cover Image
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Some of the events that happen in our country are pleasing; the rest are unwelcome. I wish to categorize such events and share with you. When something good happens, we wish as if such events would repeat again. But, when something unacceptable happens our country plunges into dark. This is because of the lack of gender equality and women empowerment. Here is my study for your view.

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ISBN: 9781647833275
ISBN-10: 1647833272
Publisher: Notion Press Media Pvt Ltd
Publication Date: January 28th, 2020
Pages: 238
Language: Tamil