Nothing Follows (Paperback)

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The title of this debut collection, Nothing Follows, is re-appropriated from a government document establishing the beginning of a refugee family's time in the United States. At every coordinate of their lives, the refugee family provides affidavits, letters, and reams of paperwork as they work to beseech those in power to grant them "family reunification" visas for those they had to leave behind in 1975 after the fall of Saigon.

Nothing Follows draws from the genres of memoir and poetry. Written from a young girl's perspective, the center of this world is a military father, an absent mother, sisters who come and go, broken brothers, and friends she meets in San Jos .

With each place the book travels through--from Butler, Pennsylvania, to San Jos , California--we see that racism, objectification, and sexual violence permeate the realities of the narrator and those close to her. In marking the journey, Lan Duong recreates the portraits of the girl's friends and family and maps out refugee girlhoods.

Spiked with violence, pleasure, and longing, these refuges are questionable sanctuaries for those refugee girls who have grown up during the 1980s in the aftermath of war.

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ISBN: 9781682831847
ISBN-10: 1682831841
Publisher: Texas Tech University Press
Publication Date: February 24th, 2023
Pages: 96
Language: English