Niacin: The Real Story (2nd Edition) (Paperback)

Niacin: The Real Story (2nd Edition) By Andrew W. Saul, Abram Hoffer, Harold D. Foster Cover Image
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Second Edition, Revised, Updated, and ExpandedNow with 116 new references added to this edition, providing summary of the very latest niacin research
Discover the newest cutting-edge research about the wonderful healing properties of niacin
Vitamin B3-or niacin-is a small molecule made of only fourteen atoms, smaller even than the simplest sugar. But this one molecule has profound effects on health: it plays a role in more than five hundred reactions in the body. Many illnesses are caused by too little niacin, and many illnesses can be cured with high doses of niacin.The updated and expanded second edition features:
  • Detailed recommendations on the forms and therapeutic doses of niacin
  • Updated information on niacin side effects and safety
  • The most effective ways to use niacin for arthritis, learning and behavioral disorders, mental illness, cardiovascular disease, and other conditions

Niacin: The Real Story takes an orthomolecular (nutrition-based) approach to medicine, supporting wellness with substances that naturally occur in the human body. In this groundbreaking second edition, the most prominent minds in orthomolecular medicine return with an expanded discussion of the widespread use of niacin for the prevention and treatment of health problems.

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Publication Date: March 21st, 2023
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