Stop that Poem! (Hardcover)

Stop that Poem! By Eric Ode, Jieting Chen (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Eric Ode, Jieting Chen (Illustrator)
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Eric Ode's playful exploration of the active nature of poems, and how they can shape and transform our world combines with exquisite, energetic illustrations by Jieting Chen.

Praise For…

"...creates fun and wonder around words. ... For kids who are just starting to learn about poetry, this has something for everyone. But for more sophisticated poets they can begin to look more closely at how the poems and illustrations combine to create a full experience!"
-- Storymamas

"A uniquely created book, as we follow several pages of floating words in different environments to create a variety of poems. Readers will begin to see the possibility that poetry can be as they read through this book."
-- PSLA Literature Review

"Word cards are blown around in the illustrations and delightfully show how rearranging words can make new stories and poems. This one is sure to spark creativity! I appreciate all the outdoor adventure the kids experience as they chase the words of the poem."
-- Little Cub Literacy

"Chen’s illustrations, in muted colors punctuated with bright orange, show the poem constantly propelled forward across landscapes while a growing, diverse cast of children gets involved. Aspiring poets should be encouraged in their creativity by this lilting 'ode' (pun on the author’s name intended) to the challenge and joy of getting a poem just right."
-- The Horn Book

"I can't tell you how wonderful this book is … … a lesson on poetry, an activity finding the adjectives on the page, identifying the prepositions on another. For younger readers, this book could be used as an activity in finding all the sight words! … there is so much potential in this book!"
-- Oh, the Books We Love!

"It's inspiring for younger readers, learning to put their thoughts together, and the colorful artwork and movement furthers the idea that words never stay in one place."
-- Mom Read It

"By assembling individual words into poems, the protagonist effectively creates the text, while dynamic, contemporary, stylized illustrations cleverly incorporate the poems into each double-page spread.
An ingenious, inspiring lesson in the crafting of poetry."
-- Kirkus Reviews

Product Details
ISBN: 9781684642236
Publisher: Kane Miller
Publication Date: September 1st, 2021
Pages: 36