Hydroponics: The Beginner's Guide to Building an Efficient Hydroponic System for Your Garden. (Paperback)

Hydroponics: The Beginner's Guide to Building an Efficient Hydroponic System for Your Garden. Cover Image
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If You Want A Garden Without All The Dirt, Read On...

Imagine the scent of fresh herbs and vegetables in the middle of winter.

Imagine a garden without pests and weeds - and without the need for pesticides and herbicides.

Imagine a magic garden that waters and feeds itself.

This is not a fantasy. This is hydroponic gardening.

Hydroponic gardening (or farming) involves growing plants without any soil. The roots are submerged into a water-based, nutrient-rich solution. Here are some benefits of hydroponics:

  • The plant can feed itself very easily, so it grows 20% faster than it would grow in soil.

  • Hydroponics saves A LOT of water: a hydroponic garden needs up to 20 times less water than a conventional garden with the same plants

  • There are no weeds and no predators in a hydroponic garden, so there's no need to spray your plants with nasty chemicals

  • Last but not least, you can grow your hydroponic garden indoors - this means fresh produce all year round

Of course, setting up a hydroponic garden requires some specialized equipment and, first and foremost, knowledge. But don't worry: you can buy the equipment online and you can get the knowledge from this book

Here's what it will teach you:
  • How to build a hydroponic garden (or farm) from scratch and avoid expensive mistakes

  • How to choose the best nutrients for every type of plant

  • How to monitor your garden and take care of the plants

  • How to make sure your plants stay happy and healthy

  • How to turn your interest in hydroponics into a profitable business

You can become an accomplished hydroponic farmer even if you've never grown a plant before. You don't have to dig around in dirt, look for weeds, or wonder if your plants are getting enough nutrients from the soil. Just apply the knowledge you'll find in this book and watch your dream garden grow

Your amazing hydroponic garden is just a click away.

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