I Shall Survive Using Potions (Manga) Volume 5 (Paperback)

I Shall Survive Using Potions (Manga) Volume 5 By Funa, Sukima (Illustrator), Hiro Watanabe (Translator) Cover Image
By Funa, Sukima (Illustrator), Hiro Watanabe (Translator)
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The war between Aligot and Balmore is over, thanks to Kaoru, but now comes the hard part: the peace talks.
The Holy Land of Rueda, one of the conflict's major instigators, is dead-set on causing as much trouble as possible for everyone. Even if Kaoru can handle all that nonsense, she still has her main mission to consider: spreading the Nagase family genes in this new world. To do that, she'll venture far and wide, reuniting with old friends and making new enemies along the way, including a group of kidnappers who exclusively target cute girls Surely Kaoru wouldn't be distracted from such a perilous fate by being identified as 'cute'... would she? How can our protagonist use her potion powers to get out of this jam?

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ISBN: 9781718372344
ISBN-10: 1718372345
Publisher: J-Novel Club
Publication Date: December 7th, 2021
Pages: 192
Language: English