Absolute Best Adult Party Jokes: A Wonderful Treasury of Exceptional Hilarious Jokes, Quotes, Anecdotes and Stories (Paperback)

Absolute Best Adult Party Jokes: A Wonderful Treasury of Exceptional Hilarious Jokes, Quotes, Anecdotes and Stories Cover Image
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If you like adult jokes, you'll love this book. Great for Parties "I'd buy joke books and try doing them at school; I always had jokes. That would be my go-to thing at parties: I'd be able to get through them if I just told enough jokes. Otherwise, I wouldn't end up talking to anybody." - Drew Carey

Review from Alexander V. Ph.D.

"I really enjoyed this book and I'm giving it high five. Of course, not all jokes in there gave me the jolt but there were many others which after reading still made me grin and giggle to myself like a doped Halloween pumpkin for quite a while. I have the suspicion some people around though I must have gone loony from too much work. So, the five stars are meant for those jokes.

The jokes cover a broad range of topics and the reader will find a good one for just about any situation and conversation which will appeal for just about everyone. If you manage to memorize a few that would make it a handy addition to your arsenal of ice-breakers and conversation-rekindlers in case the situation seems completely frozen and awkward."

Excerpt: An international flight from Asia to the US was carrying 198 passengers but the crew, unfortunately, discovered an hour into the flight there were only 40 meals on the plane.

After trying to figure out what to do, the Flight Crew came up with a solution. They advised the passengers, "We apologize to you and we are still trying to figure out how this occurred, but we have only 40 dinners on board, and we need to feed all 198 of you on this flight."

A loud muttering and moaning started amongst the passengers. The chief flight attendant continued to try and quiet everyone down, "Anyone who is kind enough to give up their dinner so someone else could eat, will receive unlimited free alcoholic beverages during the entire duration of the flight."

A second announcement was made two hours later, "If anyone wants to change their mind, we still have 40 dinners available."

All alphabetically arranged by topic, you'll find a large assortment of enjoyable jokes, intriguing stories, thought-provoking quotes, and lots of humor in the 320+ pages.

We leave the choice of jokes or stories you want to share up to you as individual humor and tastes vary.

Sit back in a comfortable chair with your favorite beverage away from all distractions and enjoy reading this hilarious book

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