How Giraffes Found Their Hearts (Hardcover)

How Giraffes Found Their Hearts By Kathleen Macferran, Kenneth Schrag (Illustrator), Kelly Lenihan (Designed by) Cover Image
By Kathleen Macferran, Kenneth Schrag (Illustrator), Kelly Lenihan (Designed by)
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Long, long ago yet not so far away, Jordan Giraffe was searching for something to fill the hollow, empty space in her chest. Acting on the advice of her friends in nature, Jordan tries to fill her chest with carrots, stars, and pond water. After several unsatisfying attempts, Jordan hears the song of a young boy and follows the sound until she meets him. The boy helps Jordan hear the song inside herself, and in doing so, she discovers her own heart, the very thing she was searching for all along.

From the Author: Giraffe Tales is a series of beautifully illustrated children's picture story books that are also set to music and narrated in the digital ePub editions. Giraffes, one of the land animals with the largest hearts, are sometimes referred to as symbols of Nonviolent Communication since our hearts are where we hold the feelings and needs we most cherish. How Giraffe's Found Their Hearts is a story of the importance of being connected to our own hearts so we can live from our own values and joy. In How the Giraffe's Got Their Ears, the giraffes find joy when they are able to hear the beautiful feelings and needs in all hearts, in other words, when they are able to empathize with each other. Back matter includes discussion prompts and an activity.

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ISBN: 9781735789187
ISBN-10: 1735789186
Publisher: Artisan Bookworks
Publication Date: October 15th, 2022
Pages: 50
Language: English