I Choose to Move (Paperback)

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  • Does exercising feel like another chore on your never ending To Do list?
  • You try to plan exercise into your hectic schedule but somehow you never quite get round to it. There is always something else to do, right?

This journal is for busy women, who want to incorporate Pilates into their lifestyle in an easy and enjoyable way.

It is the perfect companion to Gila's book 'Enjoy Moving and Feel Fabulous: A Pilates Lifestyle for Busy Women'. Designed as a support tool to enable you to value and succeed in looking after your health and fitness by focusing on the 3 key elements of Gila's unique approach to fitness for busy women that she explains in her book.

It will help you remain consistent and motivated, enable you to plan and keep track of your Pilates sessions, reflect on your progress and acknowledge your achievements.

Gila draws on her own professional and personal experience as a busy woman, director of 2 businesses, mum of 3 young children and Pilates teacher who enjoys moving, dancing and hanging upside down, to bring you a practical, simple, easy to use journal that will enhance your Pilates practice and transform your approach to fitness.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781739098322
ISBN-10: 1739098323
Publisher: Jigsaw Publishing
Publication Date: November 25th, 2022
Pages: 154
Language: English