Hiraeth (Paperback)

Hiraeth By Carol Rose Daniels (Goldeneagle) Cover Image
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Finalist for the 2019 Rasmussen, Rasmussen and Charowsky Indigenous Peoples' Writing Award

Hiraeth is about women supporting and lending strength and clarity to other women so they know that moving forward is always possible-- and always necessary. It documents a journey of struggle that pertains to a dark point in Canadian history that few talk about and of which even fewer seem aware. Poems speak to the 1960's scoop up of children and how this affected the lives of (one or thousands) of First Nations and M tis girls-- girls who later grew to be women with questions, women with wounds, women who felt like they had no place to call home. That is, until they allowed themselves to be open to the courage others have lived and shared. Hiraeth is a word that is Celtic in origin and it means looking for a place to belong that never existed. But this place does exist -- in the heart.

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ISBN: 9781771334853
ISBN-10: 1771334851
Publisher: Inanna Poetry and Fiction Series
Publication Date: April 23rd, 2018
Pages: 112
Language: English