The Long Holiday (Paperback)

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In November 2019 the author started reading a book about possible future apocalypses for humanity. Pandemics and viral sources were given short shrift in comparison to climate change and nuclear war, versus the more popular and social media-friendly possibilities of hyperintelligent AI, robot takeover, a supernova cosmically next door, and universe-wide vacuum changes. When COVID-19 emerged shortly thereafter and started to spread across the world, every day he wondered if this was the predicted axe for human beings, but it turned out thankfully to not be. Perhaps someday another such sharp object will hit its aim and therefore we better start moving the target away. In the meantime, he wrote this book of poetry under the dark shadow of these thoughts, while working on the front lines.

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ISBN: 9781772311693
ISBN-10: 1772311693
Publisher: Bookland Press
Publication Date: November 1st, 2022
Pages: 80
Language: English