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Infusion is an easy method of making a wide variety of liqueurs. Many of the world's most famous liqueurs are made using this method. Like Angostura bitters, which are also an infusion, there are often closely guarded formulas behind liqueurs, involving an amazing array of herbs and spices.

In spite of the secrecy, though, liqueurs can be easily made in your home distillery. Don't be intimidated by long lists of ingredients; if you've been making bitters or gin using these actual "botanicals" rather than flavorings, you already have a good start.

Liqueurs are simple beasts typically composed of three primary components: base alcohol, flavoring, and sweetener. Mix up those ingredients to your own cacophonous content and you may be rewarded with a bespoke bottle of deliciousness.

You can do this with very little equipment. At a minimum you should have some measuring cups, a small kitchen scale and an alcohol hydrometer for measuring the alcohol by volume (ABV).

Infusions are made by soaking, or infusing, various ingredients in base liquor, often vodka. Infusion times can be anywhere from a couple of days to many weeks. Generally the herbs and spices are infused, and then strained out of the liquid. By definition, liqueurs are sweetened; usually this is done after the botanicals have been infused.

Liqueurs may be sweetened with sugar, sugar syrup, honey or even agave syrup. Here are some recipes for popular liqueurs to get you started

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