Feminism and Social Justice Analysing Conceptual Conflict and Co operation (Paperback)

Feminism and Social Justice Analysing Conceptual Conflict and Co operation By Upadhyay Amar Nath Cover Image
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For a long time 'Feminism' had been a discussing issue among

men and women. Feminism is a driving force behind women's

movements and the aim of feminism is to promote the interests of

women. Since long there had been an accepted tendency that all types of

activities associated with women belong to the private domain of

individual within the family. Due to this belief women's issues were

discussed only within the household domain but the gradual change in

the attitude towards women's questions has started in different

dimensions. A new kind of awareness can be visualized among women.

This phenomenon has given rise to women's movements and feminism

is that kind of movement.

The inferior status of women in the society and their ongoing

problems on different issues, kept me on constant thinking regarding

women's unstable existence. Feminists' thinking, theories and their

movements influenced me to go into the deep understanding of

feminism and I decided to work on this issue. Through this issue we can

find a solution by which the existing power relations between women

and men in our society can be altered so that women can be brought into

the mainstream in our society.

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