We the Animals (Hardcover)

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"We the Animals" has met with extraordinary acclaim, from writers like Michael Cunningham, Paul Harding, Marilynne Robinson, Dorothy Allison, and Tayari Jones, and publications like "Forbes," the "New York Times," "People," and more. A novel with reach as well as power, it landed on national and regional bestseller lists and is poised to find an even larger audience in paperback.

This "fiery ode to boyhood" (Scott Simon, NPR) tracks three brothers as they tear their way through childhood, growing up in the shadow of Paps and Ma and learning a kind of love that is serious, dangerous, unshakeable, glorious. A stunning exploration of how we are formed by our earliest bonds, "We the Animals" bears witness to Justin Torres's serious talent and heralds him as a "brilliant, ferocious new voice" (Michael Cunningham).

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ISBN: 9781847083951
Publisher: Granta
Publication Date: March 1st, 2012