Dehydrating Foods: The Complete Guide to Drying Food. The Ultimate Food Dehydrator Recipes Cookbook (Hardcover)

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By I. Pot
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If you're looking for a complete dehydrator cookbook, for a guide to deliciously easy meals, then keep reading...

Here's the deal. You've read thousands of books, guides and recipes, and you are overly excited. You already tried most of the recipes and techniques you read about in your books, but every time is an astonishing failure. You are looking for the final solution at the long-standing problem of tasting delicious and healthy meal when you travel far from home for work or when you're in the wilderness, without filling your pack with heavy ingredients. Sound familiar?

If it does, then the protocol inside this book is your answer. With "Dehydrating Foods " you will discover that dehydrating, is not only a really easy to follow procedure, but it is also incredibly useful for long-term food storage and for making the most of your garden harvest.

Dehydration is one of the oldest, most versatile methods of preservation-creating foods that are compact, perfect for traveling, and great for a quick snack or backup meal. Dehydrating Foods is your all-in-one guide to easy, affordable home drying, pairing delicious dehydrated foods with easy-to-navigate guidance to get you drying in no time.

This dehydrator cookbook includes easy instructions for cooking, dehydrating, storing, and reconstituting all kinds of foods. This guide takes home preservers through the beginning, moderate, and advanced stages of preserving. Newcomers can start with a simple jam and jelly recipe using a hot water bath canner, while others may be advanced enough to have mastered the pressure canner and are ready to move onto curing and smoking meat and fish.

Dehydrating Foods includes:

  • A to Z drying-Explore the essential equipment you'll need, troubleshooting tips, and detailed directions on how to dehydrate more than 75 different kinds of food, including fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts, yogurt, tofu, meat, pasta, rice, and more.
  • Dehydrated dishes-Enjoy a variety of deliciously healthy and flavorful recipes, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, including just-add-water instant meals, and snacks like fruit leathers, chips, and jerky from this dehydrator cookbook.
  • Nutritious staples-Create your own combos with instructions for easily dehydrating individual foods like fruits, veggies, and grains.
  • Planning and prep-You'll be prepared with plenty of meal planning tips for your business trip or your adventures, including a sample menu for reference

You will learn how to avoid to:

  • Wasting food and saving money while you're at it
  • Longer than needed dehydration times
  • Messy, sticky dehydrator trays
  • Mediocre outcomes instead of consistent, reliable treats.

Whether you're preserving seasonal crops or making protein-packed camping snacks, this dehydrator cookbook takes you through the ins and outs of dehydrating, storing, and rehydrating a wide variety of foods.

Whether you're on the go or snacking at home, the portable dishes in this dehydrator cookbook will add some deliciousness to your pantry.

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ISBN: 9781914034138
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Publisher: Mamila Publishing Ltd
Publication Date: October 6th, 2020
Pages: 134
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