Poetry and Hot Chocolate (Paperback)

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Poetry and Hot Chocolate is a collection of poems written by an aspiring young poet. The collection includes poems on nature, family, birds, our planet and many other poems. Lose yourself in the sensation of eating the perfect pizza, ponder on the beauty of night time, walk down long roads flanked by fragrant trees and marvel at nature's wonders alongside Vansh. As equally rewarding to read by a cosy fireplace in Winter as on the beach in Summer, we are reminded to enjoy the little things in life just as we appreciate the things most important to us.

Inspired by life and the people who influenced him, Vansh continues to write about his poems while studying for his HSC. Poetry and Hot Chocolate is book two in a series of four poetry books.

The windows frosted up with falling flakes

The snow grew denser and covered footsteps

As the fire started to soften its crackling

The smooth serene-sounding radio took its place

The living room felt cosy as I snuggled into my blanket

And forgot the troubles that resided in my past

Instead enjoying the current moment

Looking at the frozen tears of God that eloquently descended

I took a whiff of the vanilla-scented candles

That propelled me to scribble down a few poems

While I sipped my bliss-infused hot chocolate

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ISBN: 9781922403797
ISBN-10: 1922403792
Publisher: Aurora House
Publication Date: June 29th, 2021
Pages: 96
Language: English