Reimagine America (an Anthology for the Future) (Paperback)

Reimagine America (an Anthology for the Future) By Mark Lipman (Editor) Cover Image
By Mark Lipman (Editor)
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As we begin to emerge from the shadows of some very dark years, having faced violent extremism, a global pandemic and the emergency of planetary decline; witnessing the collision of ramped climate disasters everywhere, with wildfires, floods, droughts and seas afire all crashing into the imploding and failed economic system of capitalism, founded upon racism, exploitation and unlimited growth, propped up by an ever expanding police state; a system which has torn the social and environmental fabric of this nation and planet apart, all for the sake of profits, so that a handful of billionaires could race each other into space, while the bottom half of the population faces homelessness, starvation and the existential dangers of abject poverty, it has become more than apparent that there is just no going back to normal, for normal was never just.

So, we turn to the poets, to the arts and the thinkers, to inspire us to dream better and reimagine... yes, America, yet also our entire way of life, to think about what is truly important and how we interact with each other and the natural world around us; of how we can reach our greatest potential, for there is no Planet B and in the end what is going to save us is the work we do in the immediate years to come.

Join us in this undertaking with some of the greatest poetic voices of this generation, as we REIMAGINE AMERICA.

Poetry. African & African American Studies. Latinx Studies. Native American Studies.

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ISBN: 9781936293445
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Publisher: VAGABOND
Publication Date: January 15th, 2022
Pages: 222
Language: English