Bully with the Big Lips (Paperback)

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TEACHABLE, MEMORABLE Make your reading time fun by reading this book about a bully who pushes all the students around in the classroom but soon find out why bullying is not cool. After bullying another student and taking her lunch, the bully have an allergic reaction from eating raspberries. This story will allow parents and teachers to have a conversation about bullying. Learn real life lessons about....
-How to recognize when you are getting bullied
- How to stick up for yourself if you are bullied
- How important it is to let an adult know when you are bullied
- How to NOT support the bully when he/she is bullying other students
- How to recognize when you have hurt someone & how to apologize for your actions.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781945975783
ISBN-10: 1945975784
Publisher: Living Parables of Central Florida, Inc.
Publication Date: May 17th, 2018
Pages: 38
Language: English