Knights of The Golden Sun Vol. 2: Father's Armor (Paperback)

Knights of The Golden Sun Vol. 2: Father's Armor By Mark London, Mauricio Villarreal (Illustrator), Justin Birch (Letterer) Cover Image
By Mark London, Mauricio Villarreal (Illustrator), Justin Birch (Letterer)
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The Archangels are back! With Metatron on the run, and Lucifer nowhere to be found, the Archangels must scour the Earth for the pieces of God’s Armor in order to prevent them from bringing destruction upon the world the likes of which have only been hinted at through the annals of history! Collects #8-14.

About the Author

Mark London's life-long love of film, comics, video games, and popular media inspired him to take up writing with one important goal: To provide a unique comic book experience through dynamic storytelling and epic world-building. A screenwriter by initiative, his transition to comics was a natural turning point. As founder and CEO of Mad Cave Studios, Mark's vision of genre-driven, high-concept comics dedicated to providing readers with action-packed, compelling stories is made reality. Author of Battlecats, Wolvenheart, Knights of the Golden Sun and Honor and Curse. He resides in Miami, FL.

Mauricio Villarreal is a graphic designer and illustrator. He’s a fan of all types of art, but especially painting and music. He’s also an autodidact with a passion for concept art, world-building, and detailed characters. Mauricio sees every day as a chance to learn and grow as an artist.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781952303104
ISBN-10: 1952303109
Publisher: Mad Cave Studios
Publication Date: February 9th, 2022
Language: English