Manipulation: 6 Manuscripts - Mind Control, Hypnosis, Manipulation, How To Analyze People, How To Secretly Manipulate People, Human (Paperback)

Manipulation: 6 Manuscripts - Mind Control, Hypnosis, Manipulation, How To Analyze People, How To Secretly Manipulate People, Human By Leonard Moore Cover Image
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Discover How To Analyze, Persuade, Manipulate And Brainwash Anyone

Get The Complete Collection, 6 Manuscripts In One Book


When you'll become truly skilled at mind control, you will be able to have and do anything you want. Whether you want to get a sale on something, make a sale, get money, go on a date, get a raise or a promotion, get more slack from your boss, grow your business, or do virtually anything else that requires other people to cooperate with your desires, you will be able to do so with everything you learn in this book. In addition to learning the important skills and techniques required to brainwash others, you will also learn how to never get caught.


You're about to learn 21 little known hypnotic techniques that could change your life. Don't worry, this book is not about magically creating "zombie people" that will follow every order. That is not hypnosis, it's fantasy. You're about to learn the real thing. The same methods world's most famous hypnotists use.


In this book you'll find 21 of the best manipulation techniques, the ones that can easily give you access to almost anybody's mind. By learning and applying them, you will have the chance to create a great positive change in your life and reach your goals faster.

This book will teach you:

  • 21 Proven Techniques to Manipulate And Brainwash Anyone

  • The Right Way To Disagree Without Sounding Disagreeable

  • Common Mistakes And How To Avoid Them (The Majority of People Doesn't Know This)


This book will teach you 21 of the best techniques you can use to secretly analyze people and learn more about them, the same techniques the most successful FBI agents use on a daily basis. Whether you simply want to understand people better, learn more about their motives, thoughts and feelings or develop deeper connections with others, this book will help you do just that. You'll also find real-life examples to better understand how successfully apply the techniques you'll learn.

Some of the techniques you'll discover:

  • How To Effectively Read Body Language

  • Core Principles Of Eye Reading

  • How To Understand Someone's Values And Desires Through Actions And Cognitive Thoughts

  • What The Way People Walk Reveals About Them

  • How To Identify Different Personality Types

  • How To Understand Someone Else's Thought Pattern

  • 11 Of The Most Important Facial Expressions And How To Read Them

  • How To Read A Person By Looking At His Or Her Environment

  • A Simple Yet Effective Process To Re-brand Yourself To Be More Likeable


Manipulation is a practice whereby you look into someone's natural psychological tendencies and use them to help you get your way. You learn how to understand what people want and need, and what drives them to make decisions. Then, you tailor your pitch or offer to get them to agree with you and give you what you want, while making it look like they were getting what they want Ultimately, you lead the conversation by making it look like they are. In this book, you are going to learn exactly how to do this.


In this book you'll find 21 of the most important human psychological traits that you should know if you want to use someone's psychology to influence and direct them to act and behave in certain ways.

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