Bad Money: FinTech as an Instrument in the Battle for Global Dominance (Hardcover)

Bad Money: FinTech as an Instrument in the Battle for Global Dominance By Brad Rigden Cover Image
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Veteran FinTech specialist and technology executive, Brad Rigden, takes us on an illuminating journey of how technology and innovation have disrupted not only money and our economy, but our societal fabric on a global scale. This evolution is brought into context amidst the backdrop of cyclic patterns, historical events and behavioural forces, leading us to the precipice of financial entropy.

Rigden lifts the veil above the influence and changes that technology is anticipated to bring as the digital century unfolds. This illustrates how technological advancements are being co-opted to serve rogue agendas, thereby surfacing the business strategies and simmering geopolitical forces at play.

Whether your interests pique in FinTech, blockchain and crypto-currencies, artificial intelligence, economics, money or geopolitics, this book will arm you with an enduring and entirely new perspective with which to understand the world around us, and navigate where we go from here.

Product Details
ISBN: 9787889221313
ISBN-10: 7889221312
Publisher: Bradley James Rigden
Publication Date: December 21st, 2022
Pages: 714
Language: English