The Origins of Sports (Hardcover)

The Origins of Sports By Tom Velcovsky, Stepanka Sekaninova, Matej Ilcik (Illustrator) Cover Image
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This beautifully illustrated book covers 10 most popular sports and how they developed during the history, including the rules, equipment, and the star players.

From the prehistory until today, this book provides young readers with a comprehensive overview of the most popular sports disciplines. Find out where the idea of a goal came from, and what the origin of the ball is. How did the first tennis racket look like? And did you know that hockey was played in Ancient Egypt? A lot of new information as well as fun facts from the world of sports is awaiting you on these pages.

Learn more about the following sports:

  • Athletics
  • Skating
  • Ice hockey
  • Golf
  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Swimming
  • Skiing
  • Baseball

About the Author

Tom Velcovsky is a graduate of Audiovisual Production from the Silesian University in Opava, Czech Republic, where he specialized in screenwriting and storyboards. Before switching to children's books and the making of comic strips, he worked in advertising.Stepanka Sekaninova used to work as a TV reporter and in the production of children's programs. Now she is a writer and an editor-in-chief, living in the Czech Republic.Although Matej Ilcik has been keen on drawing and art from a young age, he did not attend courses in art as a child. He studied Political Science, rather than creative subjects, pursuing his interests in painting and art history in his free time. He acquired the basic techniques for his work as an artist on a two-year adult education course in painting. Having briefly considered his options, he started out as a freelance graphic designer.

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ISBN: 9788000067964
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Publisher: Albatros Media
Publication Date: May 30th, 2023
Pages: 40
Language: English