I Love You Leo A. Destination Somewhere (Galician Wave #5) (Paperback)

I Love You Leo A. Destination Somewhere (Galician Wave #5) Cover Image
By Rosa Aneiros, Jonathan Dunne (Translator)
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After university, Leo is due to go travelling for six months with her friends Aldara, In's and Marti o, but at the last minute her friends pull out and Leo is left to travel on her own. Her first stop, in Lisbon, Portugal, is a rain-soaked disaster. She is dragged around the city by her overbearing host and only really gets a feel for the city during the final few days, when she is cooped up in his apartment. But everything changes with her next destination, Barcelona, where she meets up with a group of friends from Latin America who call themselves "Ruth & Co." and busk for a living. Romance, excitement, frustration, appalling and luxurious living conditions, familiar and foreign cultures, follow as Leo travels to Granada, C rdoba, Seville and C diz in Andalusia, Marrakesh in Morocco and finally Istanbul. In this first instalment of Leo's travelling adventures, Leo discovers that she must learn how to leave a place before she can truly enjoy her experiences, and how travelling can bring you back full circle. She is also mystified by the graffiti that keeps appearing along her route: "I Love You Leo A." Who is it that has scrawled this graffiti wherever she goes, and what do they want? Only by continuing with her journey and not giving up will Leo find out the answer to this riddle Rosa Aneiros is the author of a trilogy of novels, "I Love You Leo A.", about the travelling adventures of a young woman called Leo. This trilogy has been a huge success in Galicia, with readers contributing their own messages of "I Love You Leo A." from different parts of the world. Other titles in the series Galician Wave include: "Black Air" and "Winter Letters" by Agust n Fern ndez Paz, "Dragal I: The Dragon's Inheritance" and "Dragal II: The Dragon's Metamorphosis" by Elena Gallego Abad, "Dove and Cut Throat" by Fina Casalderrey and "The Painter with the Hat of Mallows" by Marcos Calveiro.

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ISBN: 9789543840403
ISBN-10: 9543840407
Publisher: Small Stations Press
Publication Date: September 28th, 2015
Pages: 272
Language: English
Series: Galician Wave