Into Creativity: choose to re-design your life (Paperback)

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Did anyone ever teach you how to be creative? Have you ever been asked to think outside the box and realized that you lack the tools to be your own artist? What if I told you that most of us don't realize our creative potential because we were never taught creativity as a process that leads from abstract ideas to final products. Everyone can become more creative and improve their skills through unique knowledge, concrete tools, and practices. This book will offer just that to all of you who are a part of any creative discipline, whether as a student, professional, or teacher. It will help you become more innovative and give you an advantage in your field by teaching you how to work with inspiration and translate your interior worlds and feelings into reality to achieve the success and creative freedom you always wanted.

Let's dive together into creativity and redesign our lives.

This book is for anyone who is wishes to cultivate their natural powers of imagination, creativity and innovation.

It is for business professionals who would like to discover ways to excel at their job, it is for students who must learn to think creatively and allow for growth and flexibility to be able to navigate through the complex world they live in, it is for anyone who feels stuck in a silos thinking and would like to break away from fears, open their mind to different possibilities, discover and live an authentic life.

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ISBN: 9789655980981
ISBN-10: 9655980987
Publisher: Moshe Katz Architect
Publication Date: August 1st, 2022
Pages: 288
Language: English