ON Europe Steps Novel: Happened in North Africa, The south beach of Mediterranean. (Paperback)

ON Europe Steps Novel: Happened in North Africa, The south beach of Mediterranean. By Alegmi M. Sofia Sofia Cover Image
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* Novel talked firstly about an Italian lady had bad some wrong information about Arabs, Came to North Africa, to Tripoli to spend some time with her sister who had been married with a Libyan small trader lives in Tripoli, her coming timed before few months of the Arabs spring revolutions against the dictatorial regimes in north Africa. * So she had been a part of the problem though many complex events, acts, surprises, conversations by a Libyan viewpoints about many events which placed in human and worldwide care, the novel is an invitation for cooperation, love, peace between east and west to know each other without complications or misunderstanding for good human world future * If You want know a Little sample of some happens of Arabs Spring revolutions against dictators of North Africa from interior view by Arabic Author , and how The Libyans (as a sample) live their lives , and how they are with strangers (generally)?, and what thinks of the conversations been which lead the Libyan people revolution to victory in the end , so you must read this Novel.

About the Author

* Alegmi Sofia is one of the most Libyans Educated Authors .. has been created and published some good novels, researches, and thousands of articles in most of life fields, and human rights, Master degree, lives in Tripoli - Libya. * He loved reading early, so he published his first short story when he was fourteen years old. * He is one of people who loved freedom, justice, democracy, understanding others in the middle-east, this His positive character sides made him face to face with the the dictators regime in Libya, so He spent many years in Al Gaddafi political prisons, and more than twenty arrests for short times because of his articles and books publishing, up to Libyans people revolution ( Arabs Spring Revolution in 2011 ). * He try to do the best for all people around the world for peace, love, understanding, cooperation.

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ISBN: 9789959113184
ISBN-10: 9959113183
Publisher: Alegmi M. Sofia
Publication Date: March 8th, 2014
Pages: 150
Language: English