Mediterranean Cookbook: Delicious and Quick Recipes of the Healthiest Lifestyle (Paperback)

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This cookbook is the third book in the "Michael Esposito Mediterranean Diet Cookbooks" series.

Would you like to successfully follow a healthy lifestyle but still want to enjoy delicious food?

Do you want to Enjoy Tasty food yet feeling great?

This cookbook is a fully comprehensive collection of diverse, delicious and healthy Mediterranean recipes, a diet which is beneficial for your eyes, heart, brain and weight loss. These recipes are perfect for eating clean and lean while soaking up the flavors of the beautiful Mediterranean region: from Italy and Greece to Cyprus and Turkey. They are easy to follow and list the ingredients along with step-by-step instructions.

This book will show you how to incorporate the Mediterranean diet into your everyday life and make it a healthy lifestyle. It's not hard to do, but it does require some discipline and patience. There is no need for you to sacrifice the foods you love while still following a healthy lifestyle. A Mediterranean diet plan isn't about being on a roller coaster that cycles up and down--it's about gradually learning to eat healthier and adding the Mediterranean diet to your life.

Each cookbook includes 50 recipes, easy to prepare. In this particular cookbook you will find:


1. Marinated strawberries with whipped cream

2. Breakfast spaghetti

3. Feta omelette

4. Cream cheese with apple

5. Green omelette with paprika

6. Shrimp Fish Soup

7. Herbal Spaghetti

8. Melon and feta salad with olives

9. Ham Pizza

10. Turkey rolls with pesto

11. Mince Potato Cake

12. Minced beef and beer rolls

13. Fried squid

14. Rice with vegetable and fish pan

15. Fried potatoes with vegetables and salmon

16. Pasta with colorful vegetables and pesto

17. Baked sheep cheese

18. Lentil pulp

19. Bell peppers with schnitzel

20. Feta on toast with olive paste

21. Chicken skewers with tzatziki

22. Fish with rice and vegetables

23. Eggplant turrets

24. Scrambled eggs with mozzarella and tomatoes

25. Fruit salad

26. Sherbet with raspberries

27. Fried cheese toast

28. Vegetable sticks with dip

29. Tomato Mozzarella Toast

30. Fruit salad with nuts and spinach

31. Bell peppers with cream cheese and quark filling

32. Endive salad with potatoes

33. Plaice fillet with herb sauce

34. Fried tuna fillet with vegetables

35. Chicken legs with potatoes

36. Steaks with home-baked flatbread

37. Fried eggplant with bacon chicken

38. Filled flatbread with dip

39. Catfish on a bed of chard

40. Shrimp fish soup in a cocktail tomato

41. Baked gnocchi with parmesan cheese

42. Pumpkin soup with olives

43. Breaded eggplant

44. Spaghetti with garlic and olive oil

45. Leek - cauliflower - soup

46. Pasta salad with beans

47. Cod with crust

48. Light rice-pan

49. Baguette with olive pesto

50. Bell pepper salad with tomato and mozzarella plate

The Mediterranean diet is a healthy, well-balanced way of eating that will help you feel better and live longer. The recipes in this book series will make your daily life more enjoyable while providing you with the nutrients your body needs.

This easy-to-follow guide includes everything you need to understand to prepare and enjoy these tasty recipes at home.

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