Bent for Leather (Paperback)

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"Tan's collection of stories is a symphony of lust: queer desire, heartbreak, power, surrender, and a dulcet submersion into the inner ache of wanting."

--Sinclair Sexsmith, author of the Sugarbutch Chronicles

From the award-winning writer and erotica pioneer, Cecilia Tan, comes a collection of her queerest and most personal erotic stories, Bent for Leather. Published to coincide with her keynote speech at International Ms. Leather and Bootblack in 2023, an event that was postponed three years because of the pandemic, Bent for Leather collects stories that span nearly 30 years, many of which originally appeared in publications such as the groundbreaking lesbian erotica magazine, On Our Backs, or the recent Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year (Vol 7) anthology. Coming from the pen of a kinky bisexual writer, these stories feature many characters who are butches, androgynes, or bois, and whose labels--or their lovers--may be nonbinary, or transmasculine, or bigender. All are sizzlingly erotic, exploring the deepest desires of the characters, what it takes to satisfy them, and just what makes them Bent for Leather.

"I jumped into the world of BDSM role play in my twenties, and I quickly found that I could be a girl, boy, maid, slave, or puppy and that none of these roles actually depended on my gender or physical body. All they depended on was the story that my play partners and I were creating together. So I guess it's no surprise that these reflections of my inner self have come out in my erotic stories. My brain has always been my biggest sex organ, and storytelling and fantasy have always been my biggest kinks." --From the Introduction by Cecilia Tan

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ISBN: 9798215020081
Publisher: Cecilia Tan
Publication Date: April 10th, 2023
Pages: 96
Language: English