How to overcome fears in children: children's emotional intelligence (Paperback)

How to overcome fears in children: children's emotional intelligence By Jorge Alonso (Translator), Conciencia Práctica Cover Image
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We present the series of books "Childhood Emotional Intelligence", designed to help parents and children, to solve different problems of childhood life, from an emotional intelligence perspective.
This mission of helping in the child development of our children will be a transformative task for both adults and children, since in addition to our little ones growing internally, we will transform ourselves along the way, identifying many virtues that we have not developed as children. and wait to be woken up.
In this way, the book is revealed as a revolutionary tool for the whole family, a beautiful journey of transformation that begins at home and ends with adults with a high degree of emotional intelligence, people of integrity, healthy and worthy of respect and admiration. .
We invite you to start this journey, on this occasion, we present "How to overcome fears in children", a book that, after detailing what is understood as child emotional intelligence, the importance of comprehensive education in children, how to start practicing it, the virtues that every child and adult must develop to achieve a full development of emotional intelligence, will lead specifically, on what fear is in children, how to identify fear and be able to help them as parents, a series of tips and some tools to solve them from home together with our children.
We hope that this book is to your liking and that we keep you in mind in our new editions.

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ISBN: 9798363283703
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: November 12th, 2022
Pages: 60
Language: English