Letters from Prison (Paperback)

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Letters from Prison
This book contains the letters of my son wrote to me and my family while he was in prison.
He was out of state on a fishing trip when a friend broke into his house and set up a meth lab. When he returned home and started cooking his friend heard a loud bang on the door with a loud voice shouting. "This is the police, open the door " He opened the door and they shouted, "Stand back We need to search your house "
The door to the back bedroom was locked. They cut the lock and found several fans running. All evidence was gone, but the smell was still there. My son was arrested and taken to jail. I saw his picture and the story on the evening news. I went to his house the next morning and police were everywhere. I ask, "What is going on?" He answered, "We found a meth lab in the bedroom." I said, "Why was my son arrested. He didn't do it, he was out of state for weeks, fishing "
The police wanted my son to narc for them. If he didn't, they wouldn't take him to court. He narced for two years. Almost got killed and spent lots of money trying to make a drug bust. He did not make a bust.
We had to hire a lawyer and got on court. When the judge ask how do you plead. My son answered, "Your honor, I'm not going to plead guilty to something that I did not do, nor knew nothing about." I am guilty of trying to help the guy after his family kicked him out. I let him spend a few night at my house while I was on my trip.
He was sentenced for 10 years for maintaining a drug house. He was sent to prison. He was put on work release. He was a master of electrion so started making good money. He has his own apartment at the prison. He said it wasn't so bad, just missing family and friends and was the worst punishment. He saved enough money to buy a trucking company while working after he was released. He served 2 and a half years of the 10. When he got out, he said, "Thank you God If I haven't went to prison, I would never have saved enough money to buy my own business.
He wrote me every day for those 2 and a half years. I love him so That's why I'm sharing this story and his letters.

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