The Bookavores

Yesterday we announced “Betwixt & Be Teen”, PSB’s new young adult book club for readers of all ages. Today I’m delighted to share more information about “The Bookavores,” a new young adult book club for teen readers only.

Are you between the ages of 12 and 19? Do you have a book on you at all times? Have you collided with (or narrowly avoided colliding with) a physical object because you were walking while reading? Are you always on the lookout for your next fantastic read? Then you might be a Bookavore!

Betwixt & Be Teen

Happy New Year! We’re thrilled to announce that this year Porter Square Books is launching not one, but TWO new book clubs for readers of young adult literature. Tomorrow on the blog there will be more information on "The Bookavores," a new young adult book club for teens only. Today I’m very excited to tell you about "Betwixt & Be Teen," our new young adult book club for readers of all ages.

Porter Square Book of the Year 2015

Every January the booksellers at Porter Square Books look back on their staff picks from the past twelve months and select one to be their pick of the year. Sometimes the right book jumps right out and other times it’s an agonizing decision that we can fret over for weeks. The result is something like one of those Best of the Year lists that swarm through social media in December, but one that includes books in all genres, for all different types of readers and moods, and often, forgotten or overlooked gems from the past.


#CyberMonday. The online equivalent of Black Friday, in which online retailers compete for your holiday spending with flashy ads and deep discounts. A celebration of getting your holiday shopping done without having to put on pants, or grinding through the list of cousins and co-workers on your lunch break. On #CyberMonday, much like Black Friday, we tend to think of the biggest stores first when we fire up the browser but many local independent stores (including yours truly) support online shopping as well. Online shopping that includes shipping, in store pick up, and gift wrapping.

A Tour of Changes to the Kids’ Section

Recently we added some space and shifted things around in the kids’ section. To help everyone find their way around we asked Bear, the Prime Minister of the Kids’ Section, to give us a brief guided tour.

We expanded our Best of Both Worlds section, which includes books for older teens (14 & up) as well as books for adults that are appropriate for teens. (Rebelling against “The Man” encouraged, but not required.)

A Nudge to Take a Risk on The Familiar

Sometimes reading is about comfort, about escape, about planning to have a specific emotional or intellectual experience and then having that planned experience. But reading can also be about the unexpected, about surprises, about taking risks. Reading is one of the great ways to bite off more than you can chew because, worse comes to worse, you can just put the book down and read something else.


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