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Reading from Home

This past week has left me reeling. Although, I had been following the news of the coronavirus in China, Iran, Italy, and other countries, the virus still felt distant and abstract. Then, in the span of a few days, the NBA (one of the first major organizations to cancel its events) shut down, my office instituted a work-from-home policy, and local businesses closed their doors. 

Girls Write the World: Writing to Heal

            Last spring, a writer-friend and I started a creative writing club at Pelham Academy, a high school for girls recovering from trauma. Our friend, Lindsay, who works there, prepared us for our first session. She said it would be best to do most of the talking ourselves, especially at the beginning; the students might be nervous and we shouldn’t expect them to open up much.  I was grateful for the tips, since I was pretty nervous myself.

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