Nominally for young readers

Matt Forrest Esenwine, Deborah Bruss, & Holly Thompson

Written in a masterfully-executed rhyme, the book presents a cavalcade of lesser-known dinos and pairs their odd characteristics with little tasks that are hilariously impossible because of those features. "Don't ask Deinocheirus to set the forks and spoons," because his hands were enormous, "Therizinosaurus cannot blow up balloons," because he had very long claws. In the end they find the one thing everyone can help do is to blow out the candles on the cake...but will it create yet another mess?

Don't Ask a Dinosaur Cover Image
ISBN: 9781576878415
Availability: Available at Warehouse
Published: POW! - April 17th, 2018

One Wave at a Time: A Story about Grief and Healing Cover Image
By Holly Thompson, Ashley Crowley (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9780807561126
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Albert Whitman & Company - April 3rd, 2018

Sarah Lynne Reul, The Breaking News

When devastating news rattles a young girl's community, her normally attentive parents and neighbors are suddenly exhausted and distracted. At school, her teacher tells the class to look for the helpers--the good people working to make things better in big and small ways. She wants more than anything to help in a BIG way, but maybe she can start with one small act of kindness instead . . .

The Breaking News Cover Image
ISBN: 9781250153562
Availability: Available at Warehouse
Published: Roaring Brook Press - April 10th, 2018

Sarah Jean Horwitz, The Crooked Castle

Shortly after saving the faeries of Skemantis, magician's apprentice Felix Carmer III and his faerie companion, Grit, head out to see the world. They soon come across a mysteriously magical flying circus.

Carmer and Grit, Book Two: The Crooked Castle Cover Image
ISBN: 9781616206642
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Algonquin Young Readers - April 10th, 2018

Sarah Albee, Dog Days of History

Kids will be swept across world history as they learn the hilarious, fascinating, and complete story of man's best friend, from the first domesticated dogs, to the massive mastiffs that came over with Christopher Columbus on his voyage to the New World, to the pampered pooches of kings and queens, to hero dogs like Sergeant Stubby.

Dog Days of History: The Incredible Story of Our Best Friends Cover Image
ISBN: 9781426329715
Availability: Available at Warehouse
Published: National Geographic Children's Books - March 27th, 2018

Tami Charles, Like Vanessa

In this semi-autobiographical debut novel set in 1983, Vanessa Martin's real-life reality of living with family in public housing in Newark, New Jersey is a far cry from the glamorous Miss America stage. She struggles with a mother she barely remembers, a grandfather dealing with addiction and her own battle with self-confidence.

Like Vanessa Cover Image
ISBN: 9781580897778
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Charlesbridge - March 13th, 2018

Holly Thompson and Jen Betton, Twilight Chant

Join the author and illustrator of a new picture book.

As day slips softly into night, sharp eyes catch glimpses of the special creatures who thrive at dusk. Melodic text captures the richness of the animal life that emerges in the low light. A picture book that will inspire budding naturalists and anyone who has ever chased a firefly in the twilight. 

Twilight Chant Cover Image
By Holly Thompson, Jen Betton (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9780544586482
Availability: Available at Warehouse
Published: Clarion Books - March 20th, 2018


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