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Jessica Lucci, Watch City

Time travel, totalitarianism, and tea. Professor Tess Alset must choose liberation over love in order to emancipate her city from power-hungry despots. Verdandi, the professor’s apprentice, could hold the life saving key to the lock of time. If the city falls before the clocks are set right, the professor’s quest to rescue her true love will be destroyed. As will her dreams of scones and jam.

Watch City: Waltham Watch Cover Image
ISBN: 9781732349506
Availability: Available at Warehouse
Published: Indie Woods - September 10th, 2018

Katherine Arden, The Winter of the Witch

Katherine Arden discusses her new novel with writer and artist (and bookseller!) Marika McCoola.

Following their adventures in The Bear and the Nightingale and The Girl in the Tower, Vasya and Morozko return in this stunning conclusion to the bestselling Winternight Trilogy, battling enemies mortal and magical to save both Russias, the seen and the unseen.

The Winter of the Witch: A Novel (Winternight Trilogy #3) Cover Image
ISBN: 9781101885994
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Del Rey - January 8th, 2019

Sonya Taaffe, Forget the Sleepless Shores

In Forget the Sleepless Shores readers should expect to be captivated by many ghosts and spirits who inhabit brine, some from tears of heartache and loss, some from strange bodies of water, not necessarily found on the map but definitely discovered through charting a course though the perilous straits of author Taaffe's imagination, which is eerie and queer (by every definition of the word).

Forget the Sleepless Shores: Stories Cover Image
ISBN: 9781590212103
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Lethe Press - August 1st, 2018

Lisa Halliday, Asymmetry

Told in three distinct and uniquely compelling sections, Asymmetry explores the imbalances that spark and sustain many of our most dramatic human relations: inequities in age, power, talent, wealth, fame, geography, and justice. The first section, "Folly," tells the story of Alice, a young American editor, and her relationship with the famous and much older writer Ezra Blazer.

Asymmetry: A Novel Cover Image
ISBN: 9781501166785
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Simon & Schuster - October 16th, 2018


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