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Puppet Surprise Bundle


Each bundle either has:

- 1 medium hand puppet and 3 finger puppets

- 3 small/medium hand puppets

Which you get is a surprise! As are the species represented by each puppet.

SKU: PBPuppetSurprise
List price: $0.00
Price: $40.00

Bunny Bag Goes to Sea Bundle


There is only 1 available of this bundle!

The felt bunny shaped tote bag has gone to sea...and come back with:

- 1 narwhal

- 1 mini shark

- 1 mini crab

- 1 mini octopus

SKU: PBBunnyBagSea
List price: $0.00
Price: $40.00

Bunny Bag Bundle


Each bundle comes in a bunny shaped felt bag and includes:

- 1 pink bunny

- 1 Guess How Much I Love You bunny

- 1 medium Peter Rabbit (~6")

Note: one customer will receive a slightly different white and gray bunny instead of a pink bunny

SKU: PBBunnyBag
List price: $0.00
Price: $40.00

Spring Pusheenosaurus


Please specify which of the following color options you'd like:

- Green Pusheen with pink egg

- Pink Pusheen with green egg

We'll do our best, but can't guarantee you'll get the one you chose once supplies are low!

SKU: P5601
List price: $0.00
Price: $14.00
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