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These bundles are recommendations for specific types of readers with specific tastes. If you're shopping for a teenager too smart for their own good, someone who likes to have fun in the kitchen, activists with a baby on the way, and many more readers, you'll find the perfect books for them here.

Online Bundle: The Other Massive Postmodern Novels


In the mid-to-late 20th century a trend emerged of massive postmodern novels; books that challenged the physical strength of the readers to hold them up as much as the intellectual strength to understand them. Some of these, like Gravity’s Rainbow, Underworld, and Infinite Jest have gone on to become widely read classics, but there were a lot more where those came from. Here are three other great books for fans of the massive postmodern novel.

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Online Bundle: The Room Where It Happens: An Inside Look into Politics


If you are someone who loves staying up-to-date on current events and finds themselves debating the issues currently in the news, you will love this bundle. These books will help you to develop a solid base upon which you can further develop your ideals and process events.

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Rescue Dog Bundle



Picture of a brown and black medium sized dogRescuing a dog from a shelter is the right thing to do.  However, proud owners of rescue dogs know they rarely come as clean slates.  A little reading ahead of time will definitely help you be prepared.


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Online Bundle: Badass Kitchen



Humor and good food go hand in hand. This is for person who has a sense of humor but maybe needs to learn how to cook. Actually, needs to be TOLD how to cook because Thug Kitchen is a no BS, kick in the ass lesson. Everything will be “fucking delicious.” The pizza sticker is in case they are offended- you can patch your friendship with it.

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Online Bundle: New Kitchen Bundle


Milk Street Cookbook is fantastic- it has everything I want to cook, right now. It’s delicious, it’s easy- no matter the craving, I can find a recipe to satisfy it in this book. The dish towel is self explanatory- I like long romantic walks to my fridge to see what I can fill the gaping hole in my social life with. Haha! *crying over my delicious Miso-Shiitake Soup*

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