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These bundles are recommendations for specific types of readers with specific tastes. If you're shopping for a teenager too smart for their own good, someone who likes to have fun in the kitchen, activists with a baby on the way, and many more readers, you'll find the perfect books for them here.

Rescue Dog Bundle



Picture of a brown and black medium sized dogRescuing a dog from a shelter is the right thing to do.  However, proud owners of rescue dogs know they rarely come as clean slates.  A little reading ahead of time will definitely help you be prepared.


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Online Bundle: Badass Kitchen



Humor and good food go hand in hand. This is for person who has a sense of humor but maybe needs to learn how to cook. Actually, needs to be TOLD how to cook because Thug Kitchen is a no BS, kick in the ass lesson. Everything will be “fucking delicious.” The pizza sticker is in case they are offended- you can patch your friendship with it.

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Online Bundle: New Kitchen Bundle


Milk Street Cookbook is fantastic- it has everything I want to cook, right now. It’s delicious, it’s easy- no matter the craving, I can find a recipe to satisfy it in this book. The dish towel is self explanatory- I like long romantic walks to my fridge to see what I can fill the gaping hole in my social life with. Haha! *crying over my delicious Miso-Shiitake Soup*

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