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Girl, Interrupted

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Girl, Interrupted: A Memoir By Susanna Kaysen Cover Image
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ISBN: 9780679746041
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Published: Vintage - April 19th, 1994


In this memoir, Susanna Kaysen bravely welcomes us into the raw, honest, and occasionally comedic reality of staying at an in patient psychiatric hospital. This is a work of art and an absolute classic- perfect for fans of Ned Vizzini and Sylvia Plath.



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Unsolaced: Along the Way to All That Is By Gretel Ehrlich Cover Image
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ISBN: 9780307911797
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Published: Pantheon - January 5th, 2021


Very much a bookend to her first book, the 1985 memoir Solace of Open Spaces set in Wyoming where she came to make her home, Ehrlich’s new work is much darker for she’s witness to the calamitous effects of climate change on the distant places and people she’s come to love over the past decades, from Greenland to Japan to Africa. In the end it’s a book not without hope as it is also a story of resilience , renewal, and once again, love.


Counting Descent

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Counting Descent By Clint Smith Cover Image
ISBN: 9781938912658
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Published: Write Bloody Publishing - August 1st, 2016

Smith's How The Word Is Passed is flying off the shelves, so why not complement it with his debut poetry collection? Counting Descent feels like canon to me and I'm thrilled to see it reprinted. Come find me after you've processed Clint's instructions for cardboard boxes, I'm still recovering.


Ultimate Micro-RPG Book

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The Ultimate Micro-RPG Book: 40 Fast, Easy, and Fun Tabletop Games (Ultimate Role Playing Game Series) By James D’Amato Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781507212868
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Published: Adams Media - December 8th, 2020

Whether you want bodega cats defending the block from evil, steampunk zombie-cyborgs seeking redemption, or two stars slowly circling towards each other and their inevitable doom, there's a game here for you. They range in complexity and gameplay, from a complex tarot-card based system to simply rolling a six-sided die. Each one is only a page long. A perfect way to spend a summer afternoon!


Last Tang Standing

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Last Tang Standing By Lauren Ho Cover Image
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ISBN: 9780593187814
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Published: G.P. Putnam's Sons - June 9th, 2020

This book reads like a kdrama (Korean drama) with all the twists and turns that feel unbelievable. I loved every moment of the drama and am looking forward to bringing this to the beach with me for another read!


I Believe I'll Go Back Home

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I Believe I'll Go Back Home: Roots and Revival in New England Folk Music By Thomas S. Curren Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781625345653
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Published: Bright Leaf - May 28th, 2021

I Believe I'll Go Back Home is an excellent survey of the function and traditions of folk music in New England (starting with what little we have left of the traditions that predate colonization) and how those made Boston and Cambridge fertile ground for the birth of the Folk Revival of the late 1950s into the 1960s. There is such a rich musical history in New England that gets obfuscated because it didn't birth the major American music genres of today, but its contribution is not small. Curren's fast-paced and readable history colored in this opaque backstory and brought to life the cultural movement that percolated in clubs and coffeehouses on streets I know and love. 



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Slipping By Mohamed Kheir, Robin Moger (Translator) Cover Image
By Mohamed Kheir, Robin Moger (Translator)
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ISBN: 9781949641165
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Published: Two Lines Press - June 8th, 2021

Slipping is a novel of the strange spaces in the folds between magic and reality, the in between places in every city, the stories that fog & change as memory erodes. It's also a story of both personal and national tragedy of dreams deferred and the pyrotechnics of regret. Strange, beautiful, challenging, and perfect for fans of Kathryn Davis and Carmen Maria Machado.


Impostor Syndrome

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Impostor Syndrome: A Novel By Kathy Wang Cover Image
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ISBN: 9780062855282
Availability: Unavailable
Because of how it is sold to us we cannot accept a return of this title.
Published: Mariner Books - May 25th, 2021

Killing Eve meets Silicon Valley in this high stakes novel. Julia Lerner has made it: a female COO in one of the biggest tech companies. Holding onto the job is hard: rampant sexism, personal grudges...and keeping her Russian handler happy. When Alice Lu stumbles upon Julia's espionage, both women's lives are at stake. A smart satire and high-stakes thriller; be prepared to read through the night.


Double Cross

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Double Cross: The True Story of the D-Day Spies By Ben Macintyre Cover Image
ISBN: 9780307888778
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Published: Crown - May 14th, 2013

In this fascinating history bestselling author Ben Macintyre - author of The Spy and the Traitor focuses on the story of June 4, 1944 -D-Day.  Filled with intrigue, suspense, double agents, colorful characters, spies, and heroes, Double Cross reads like an epic spy novel.



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