Iguanodon's Horn (Staff Pick)

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The Iguanodon's Horn: How Artists and Scientists Put a Dinosaur Back Together Again and Again and Again By Sean Rubin, Sean Rubin (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Sean Rubin, Sean Rubin (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9780063239210
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Published: Clarion Books - March 19th, 2024

Science and art come together to interpret, and reinterpret, the dinosaur we call Iguanodon.

- Robin


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Dinopedia: A Brief Compendium of Dinosaur Lore By Darren Naish, Darren Naish (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Darren Naish, Darren Naish (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9780691212029
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Published: Princeton University Press - November 30th, 2021

If you, like me, are perhaps more-than-casually but less-than-professionally interested in dinosaurs - what we know and how we know it - this dense little volume will fascinate and delight. Darren Naish is one of the best science writers out there, clear and funny and endlessly readable, and WHAT is cooler and more interesting than dinosaurs? A lot of grownups who are not already dinosaur scientists may think of dinosaurs as essentially a Kid Interest, but while this book can certainly be enjoyed by a precocious dino enthusiast child, it was written with adults in mind. The kids were right all along: dinosaurs are cool as hell.


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