July 2018

Ship It

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Ship It By Britta Lundin Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781368003131
Availability: Out of Print
Published: Disney-Hyperion - May 1st, 2018


This book was everything I was looking for and more. Fandoms? Check. Cute girlfriends? Check. Fanfiction? Check. Accepting parents trying to be cool and supportive? Check. Overall, this is just a fun and feel good read, perfect for summer.


The Brilliant Deep


This is a fantastic nonfiction picture book about one of the champions of coral reef restoration. Beautiful illustrations and an inspiring true-life story.


Blame It On Bianca del Rio

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Blame It On Bianca Del Rio: The Expert On Nothing With An Opinion On Everything By Bianca Del Rio Cover Image
It's Complicated--Contact Us for More Information
ISBN: 9780062690876
Published: Dey Street Books - May 22nd, 2018


The drag queen of mean proves that reading really is what? Fundamental. Serving both Tea and Shade and giving us all life; she’s a snarky, un-PC, raucous and no-holds barred drunk person at a party who decides that now is totally the time to tell you what’s wrong with you! Joan Rivers would be SO proud. House down boots, Bianca!!!



Yass, Queen!! Bianca has spoken and I for one am listening. The true Dr Phil is spilling all the tea.  Friend won’t hold your hair while you vomit? Sashay away. Boyfriend won’t shave for you? Dump him, honey. Bianca del Rio has no filter, and I’m living for it. Werk it, girl.


Where Now: New and Selected Poems

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Where Now: New and Selected Poems By Laura Kasischke Cover Image
ISBN: 9781556595127
Availability: Available to Order from Supplier: Arrives at Store in a Week(ish)
Published: Copper Canyon Press - July 4th, 2017


I discovered Laura Kasischke's poetry shortly after my grandmother passed away, when the poet's corporeal descriptions of grief felt particularly poignant. My appreciation for her poetry has only grown over the years. Her beautiful and sometimes heart-wrenching depictions of how we remember our experiences, our relationships and losses, and our mortality reveal something new to me every time I read them.


America Vol 1

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America Vol. 1: The Life and Times of America Chavez By Gabby Rivera (Text by), Joe Quinones (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Gabby Rivera (Text by), Joe Quinones (Illustrator)
It's Complicated--Contact Us for More Information
ISBN: 9781302908812
Published: Marvel - October 31st, 2017


America Chavez is the superhero we all need. A Latinx lesbian who can punch star shaped holes between dimensions and is studying at “Sotomayor University,”  America is fierce and fun and loving and I cannot get enough. (And you can read this without extensive comics knowledge.)



Dinner at the Center of the Earth

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Dinner at the Center of the Earth: A novel By Nathan Englander Cover Image
It's Complicated--Contact Us for More Information
ISBN: 9781524732738
Published: Knopf - September 5th, 2017


If you've read Englander before prepare to be surprised - the writing is brilliant as usual, but unlike his previous work it's plot-driven and quite political - practically a thriller. As in his other work, the characters in the story struggle with empathy and conscience and moral ambiguity, but this time in a novel of today's Israel-Palestine with spies and generals and double crossing and informants. A compelling, non-stop read.




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