God is Here

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God Is Here: Reimagining the Divine Cover Image
ISBN: 9781250764492
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Published: St. Martin's Essentials - March 8th, 2022

I always looked forward to Rabbi Toba's stories and speeches when I went to synagogue growing up. When I saw she had a book coming out, I was immediately delighted and then unsurprised to find she's just as poignant and interesting written as she is speaking. Her metaphors about God and related spiritual practices are refreshing and interesting, good for non-believers or believers, as well as anyone else curious about the Divine.


Hope for the Flowers

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Hope for the Flowers Cover Image
ISBN: 9780809117543
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Published: Paulist Press - January 1st, 1973

Hope for the Flowers, by Trina Paulus, does a great job of describing a world view in a way that's accessible enough to be read by kids, but true enough to capture adults.  The mother of a childhood friend of mine bought half a dozen copies and passed them around to my friend group in our junior year of high school.  So, I wanted to continue the tradition of cross-pollination in making it my staff pick, which itself, is one of the books topics.


He Saw That It Was Good

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He Saw That It Was Good: Reimagining Your Creative Life to Repair a Broken World Cover Image
By Sho Baraka, Chris Broussard (Foreword by)
ISBN: 9780593193044
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Published: WaterBrook - May 18th, 2021

It's 2021 and you can still read anti-racist books! Sho Baraka takes a fascinating look at the intersections between culture, art, faith, and race, in a book that is simultaneously compelling, personal, and artistic. A must-read!


Salvation on Sand Mountain

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Salvation on Sand Mountain: Snake Handling and Redemption in Southern Appalachia Cover Image
ISBN: 9780306818363
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Published: Da Capo Press - August 11th, 2009

Despite his Alabama roots, Dennis Covington only knew about snake handling in a vague sense, until the New York Times asked him to cover a story about a snake handling death in the 1990s. Intrigued by the culture, Covington extended the project and wrote this book. This American subculture is filled with everything from quiet piety to sexual power play; cultish leaders to naive victims. In his thoughtful and elegant book, Covington offers few conclusions, but peels back a side of our country few people know about.


Protestantism After 500 Years

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Protestantism After 500 Years Cover Image
By Thomas Albert Howard (Editor), Mark A. Noll (Editor)
ISBN: 9780190264796
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Published: Oxford University Press, USA - August 1st, 2016

There is no overstating the significance of the Protestant Reformation, and so its 500th anniversary is an event deserving reflection. In Protestantism After 500 Years, two leading Reformation scholars compile essays devoted to how events of 1517 kick-started history's greatest revolution. A must-read for understanding religion's role in the development of modernity.


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