September 2019

Ducks, Newburyport

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Ducks, Newburyport By Lucy Ellmann Cover Image
ISBN: 9781771963077
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Published: Biblioasis - September 10th, 2019


In 2019's most ambitious novel Ellmann puts us in the mind of one of literature's most neglected characters; an average woman and mother doing her best in a world that respects neither women nor mothers. Rambunctiously political, tenderly personal, and profoundly humanist, Ellmann's simple respect for her protagonist's thoughts, feelings, faults, & successes is revolutionary. And on top of everything else in this towering achievement of a novel, you'll find yourself desperately rooting for a mountain lion.


Two Girls Down

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Two Girls Down (An Alice Vega Novel #1) By Louisa Luna Cover Image
ISBN: 9780525433750
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Published: Anchor - January 8th, 2019


When two young sisters disappear from a strip mall parking lot, their mother hires a bounty hunter to help find them. Shut out by an overworked police department, Alex Vega enlists a disgraced former detective to help her. Perfect for mystery fans looking for a new gritty antihero to root for.


The Right Swipe

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The Right Swipe: A Novel By Alisha Rai Cover Image
ISBN: 9780062878090
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Published: Avon - August 6th, 2019


In this modern romance, we meet Rhiannon, a cynical dating app owner who has a magical night with former pro-football player Samson Lima. But then he ghosts her...only to re-appear months later as a business competitor. Ouch. Rai engages with current issues such as the #MeToo movement and CTE in the NFL, and she does so masterfully while still creating a fun and enjoyable read. 


Hot Dog Taste Test

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Hot Dog Taste Test By Lisa Hanawalt Cover Image
ISBN: 9781770462373
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Published: Drawn and Quarterly - June 14th, 2016


If you recently binged "Tuca & Bertie," this is what you should read! Quirky, funny, and odd, Hanawalt's comics are, in turns, a critique of contemporary society and comforting...not to mention that her use of color is incredible.


The Refrigerator Monologues

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The Refrigerator Monologues By Catherynne M. Valente, Annie Wu (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Catherynne M. Valente, Annie Wu (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9781481459358
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Published: Gallery / Saga Press - March 6th, 2018


It’s tough to be a woman, especially in a superhero world. They tend to be casualties to the storylines of men, and it’s so common there’s a name for it: women in refrigerators. Valente gives these women a voice and the chance to take their stories back and claim their own narrative. It’s brutal, brilliant, and beautiful and even knowing the stories can’t end well, you find yourself hoping maybe this one will be different. 



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Inland: A Novel By Téa Obreht  Cover Image
It's Complicated--Contact Us for More Information
ISBN: 9780812992861
Published: Random House - August 13th, 2019


A man on the run travels across the west while a woman on the frontier tries to protect her home and family. Tea Obreht's new book is fantastic! Filled with complex characters, mysterious beasts, and a little bit of magic, I couldn't put this one down. 


Leaving the Witness

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Leaving the Witness: Exiting a Religion and Finding a Life By Amber Scorah Cover Image
It's Complicated--Contact Us for More Information
ISBN: 9780735222540
Published: Viking - June 4th, 2019


This is the rare book where the mundane details of life put you on the edge of your seat. Equal parts thrilling and thoughtful, Scorah's memoir is the first time I've seen my own experience living overseas reflected pitch-perfectly on the page. A timely reminder that sometimes it's easier to find ourselves in words than it is in the culture around us.


Deep River

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Deep River By Karl Marlantes Cover Image
ISBN: 9780802125385
Availability: Available to Order from Supplier: Arrives at Store in a Week(ish)
Published: Atlantic Monthly Press - July 2nd, 2019


Karl Marlantes transports the reader to the early 1900’s in the Pacific Northwest and the early logging industry, through the story of the Koski family fresh from Finland -  and doesn’t let you go until the last of the 700 pages. He writes with such authority about logging, fishing, immigration, unions, women’s empowerment, and the environment at the time. The story is held together by the bonds of the Koski’s as they navigate through the hardships of life in a new country while maintaining their connection to their traditions and myths. This is a sprawling novel with richly drawn characters, so worth getting pulled into.  



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